Eds Page
Hi Everyone,

My Name is Ed for those of you who don't
know me. I am the TMP mascot. They dress
me up in wacky costumes each week and
then let me sit around in a corner and
watch the parties. I have seen some crazy
stuff let me tell you. Anyway, I guess I have
way to many pictures now so they have
given me my own page. I think it's just
because I got too popular and they wanted
to shove me back in their site somewhere
making it more difficult for everyone to
admire my beauty. Oh well not much I can
do about it now, but I hope you enjoy my
pictures. Keep coming back and see what
they've put me in next. It really sucks not
having hands, kind of hard to protest,
especially when then dress me like a

Naughty School Girl ED
Nurse Ed to the Rescue
Ed Thanks Lisa for his
new Shirt.....just look at
what a happy guy he is.
You want me to hit
that pinata with
Even the
Mascot got Wet
The Mascot all Ready in
it's Pretty Panties
All Ready for Gigolo
Night....Doesn't it make a
cute....I don't know what
you would call it.
All Formal for th
Anniversary Party!
Look the Mascot's all
ready for St. Pat's
Meet TMP's Mascot : It's now has a
name, thanks to everyone who
suggested a name. We voted over
Memorial Day Weekend and The
Mascot's new name is ED,
submitted by C & D.....congrats to
you on your win! See some of Ed's
best costumes below
All of you that attended the party on the weekend of July
27-28th know when the staff arrived for the party we found that
Ed had left us a note saying he was on vacation in Hedo.....well
he sent us a post card, so I scanned it in and I'm posting it for
all of you.
A Penis' Life in Pictures....by ED
Memorial Day.
ED got named
Bingo Anyone?
Hooker Night Ed
Pirate Ed all ready
to find him some
Ed all Sexy in His
Mardi Gras Ed
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E-mail Ed
One of Ed's New Faces
him to recover from. We will leave
his page intact though as a tribute
to his short life. At least he enjoyed
before his passing. So enjoy his
pictures and memories below.