Welcome to The Meeting Place
Michigan's Oldest On-premise Adult
Within these pages is information you need to make your first experience at TMP as easy as possible.

The Meeting Place is an on premise swing club in the Kalamazoo area of Michigan. Just 90 minutes
from Grand Rapids or Chicago. If you have never been to the club before, we have parties every

Saturday night,
$50/cpl or single male + membership.
Friday Parties every 3rd Friday of the month for $30 + Membership.  

Single Females charges are $15/party + membership!!!  
Membership is $60/yr or 4-$15 installments.  Single Males must pay membership in full!!!

Parties start at 8:00, doors open at 7:30 not before then, unless otherwise noted on the events page and
go all night.

The Club is in a very large 6000 +sq. feet  home. Club includes general meeting area, dance floor, locker
room, and large hot tub area, Outdoor area, 12 large play rooms and over 35 beds. The atmosphere is
laid back and relaxing; you never have to anything you want to.

If have never attended a party before and would like directions to the club please call the club directly.
Couples both of you must be present for the
phone call. No directions will be given out over e-mail or on
this website. We are located in the Kalamazoo area.

Single males must go through an interview process before becoming club members (click
singles policy
link on left).

During that phone call we will give you directions  to the club and answer any questions. Directions will
not be given electronically!!!  The phone call is merely to make sure  that you know the type of place you
would be coming to.

All new members when they arrive are asked to
fill out an information sheet/show ID and are given a tour
of the club by either one of the staff or one of the host couples. We ask that new members try and arrive
before 9:00, that gives us time to give a tour and not disrupt others.  You  are welcome to spend the night
for no additional charge, we encourage it if you are drinking.  There are a few
hotels just a mile from the
club If you ask we will tell you the hotel that gives TMP members a discounted rate.

Everyone should also understand that coming to a club is a no pressure situation. You do what you want,  
with whom you want, WHEN you want.  If you want to come  and just spend time in the meeting area and
never play that's absolutely fine as well. If you want an orgy that can be arranged as well. You should
never feel pressured into doing anything you don't want to.  The meeting area at our club is much like a
bar, there's a dance floor with brass pole and tables/chairs.  Meet people,make friends some with
benefits!!!  If your apprehensive about attending parties at a club, join our group site by clicking on button
to the left.  Meet some of the members ahead of time. Everyone was new at one time and understands
new people are usually nervous their first time in a club situation, and you will find the majority of people
are friendly and patient when it comes to new people.  Clubs are the best initial meeting places because
if the vibes aren't right with someone there are many like minds where the vibes might be right!!!

The number to call the club  is:  
We do answer the phone with a simple hello.
Text 269-303-1398 cell for call back if no answer at above number (Sunday-Thursday).
Cell is unavailable party days.  CALL CLUB!!
If you have questions please see the contact us page for e-mail addresses,
we will however not answer
e-mail questions over the weekend
. If you have questions over a weekend please call the club directly for
Join in
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Couple must
call in
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bring singles.
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Single Male
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