TMP Membership & Fees
The Meeting Place is a Members Only Club.
Membership is required for access to the club. Membership is $60 a year (it is the same for a couple
as it is for a single) payable in 4 payments of $15 at your first 4 parties.

Everyone who comes to the club must pay for a membership and fill out an information card, this is
what makes us a private club. (all information is kept strictly confidential, no information will be given
out in any way).

All Single Males Must have a reservation for every party they want to attend no exceptions!

Party donations (CASH ONLY)are as follows:
As of  $50 per couple or single male.  First time single Males must pay membership in full first visit.   
Females $15 party donation, unless special event.  

Party fees are on top of the membership fees each time you come to the club. These fees are what
pays the clubs bills and keeps it running.

Part of a three-some or want to bring a guest, please see the special info at the bottom of the page.

If your arriving after midnight, door donations are $20 more and there is no admittance after 2:00 a.m.

New couples please arrive prior to 9:00, we will not interrupt others who are playing to give tours
after that point. Doors open at 7:30pm.

Occasionally we have special events and Holidays, those parties are usually a bit more and the
prices will be posted on the events page or you can call the club to find out about those nights. We
do not take prize coupons or other discounts on those parties. Our Holiday parties include: New
Years Eve, Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July,
Labor Day Weekend, and Halloween.

must present your membership card at the door each time you attend a TMP party. If you do not
have your card we'd be happy to make a new one for you, but we will charge you the membership
fee again as well. Your card is the only receipt of your membership payment, do not loose it.

Bringing a guest information:

If your bringing a single female with you as a couple or single.   They only pay the cost of
membership for the party that night unless it's a special event.  Single female party is $15, free for
Friday Parties, unless Holiday/Special occasion.  Donation amount will be posted..

If you have a spouse listed on your card but you plan on attending with another partner.  Spouses
consent first by calling and other partner will still have to pay for membership or present membership
card to prove payment in full. You pay the couples price for party donation. If it is a non member
single male, he may not attend parties without you present unless he goes through our application
and interview process. He will have a conditional membership.

If this guest is a single male, he must come in with you and leave with you.
 You must call to make a
reservation for the single male and make sure we have room.
 Single males may only attend parties
un-escorted after they have gone through our application and interview process. Members are
responsible for any single male you bring to the club.  If he is asked to leave you must leave also, so
be choosy when bringing along a single male.

All single males who come to the club escorted by a couple or single female will have a conditional
membership, meaning they may not attend parties without the going process.  If they choose to
attend parties alone, they must have their own membership card.

If singles want to come as couple, or visa versa they must have a separate membership for whatever
status they attend party.

If couple members split for any reason,
BOTH parties must start NEW Membership.  Its to hard to
keep track of "Family/Member Dynamic" so to keep it simple if the relationship dissolves so does the
Membership.  Thank in advance for making it as simple as it can be.

There may be other situations that we don't have posted here. If you are unsure, please feel free to
just ask.
(per couple)
Single Females
(per person)
Single Males
(per person)
3rd Friday
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